Cool Creative Apartment Interior for Small but Practical Residence

Most of the times, disadvantages are what it takes to be cleverly innovative, just like how this creative apartment interior may inspire you. Brilliantly designed by TallerDE2 Arquitectos, this small apartment named as Pop-Up House in Madrid, Spain is transformed creatively into a more comfortable living place with plenty of activities you can do indoors. How can it be possible? Thanks to the installation of modular chipboard components!

Well, just how the modular chipboards can complement this creative apartment interior design? Consisted of 54 modular units, each one of them provides a certain purpose. See how they are carefully built to occupy the available space within this small living space. Rather than sliding around the floor to form different positions, each of modular units is unfolded to show its function. For example, as you can see here, a series of kitchen appliance is simply popping up just when the cover is unfolded. The same one goes for TV stand furniture in living room, as well as the windows to see through various spots within the compact apartment.

The modular chipboards are also revealing the cozy bed which will transform a room to be a totally comfortable place to rest every night. As for the storage problem any small residence often encounters, there are plenty of storage rooms the modular units may provide. This way, the lack for space can be concealed greatly, especially since this tiny apartment is only inhabited by a single man, as well as preventing every space from cramped interior impression due the mess.

If practicality and functionality is what you urgently need for your small and tiny residence, this one is undoubtedly going to be a great inspiration for you. You have witnessed the brilliance in transforming an ultimately small living space into a totally comfortable one which serves various functions conveniently. However, if you decide to follow this small apartment interior idea, you may want to elevate the appearance of chipboard construction. Apart from the functionality, you surely will be agree if one of creative interior design for small apartments here needs urgent revamp aesthetically, right?

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