Cool Futuristic Design in Collaboration between Plants and White

An amazing collaboration of white concrete and green grass is able to be found in this futuristic design. Mathieu Lehanneur and Ana Moussinet had made the JWT advertising agency perfect. See the first picture here. A giant rock stands on white flooring. What is inside the rock? A white room with glassed doors. That white room is a working room, completed with proper white furniture too. What about the other ideas?

They are available clearly in the next picture. This one is a picture of the receptionist. Geometric and white seats are standing on the white floor, stuck right on the white walls with windows. Across those seats, a receptionist table is available.

Long and curved green carpets are lying on the white floor, as if they are green grass that is planted there. The green carpet goes everywhere, included the previous rocky room that we saw before. Back to that area in the third image. Now you can see that the room has a rounded and big lamp shines on the ceiling. What do you think about the futuristic design inspiration?

Move again to another sitting room. Similar white seats like you’ve saw before are available too. The flooring is still covered by green slim carpets, with concrete pillars support the building. No receptionist desk or table there, but a white wall full with black and white painting. The painting is about nature scenery. You can enjoy it while sitting here in free times. A hanging pot of vines is provided on the ceiling. Let’s see it closer.

The last picture shows you the floating decoration of the hanging pot with vines. Since the building has a clear white domination, this simple green appearance makes the room shines so beautifully. Not too short, but not too long until touch the floor. You can have these ideas in your house. Just take the futuristic interior design inspiration from the given pictures now.

Image By : Mathieu Lehanneur

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