Cool White Interior Design for Airy Impression with Minimalist Detail

This Framework House is an incredible work of Cocoon Architecten that displays the minimalist white interior design. Nested in the beautiful Genk, Belgium, this used-to-be farmhouse is transformed beautifully into a modern living. Its minimalist interior is not only white, but also clean with color punch provided by the simple color shades.

The architectural design of this modern home is quite simple, allowing this home built as a block one. As the minimalist facade displays black panels, this minimalist home is widely open to the green yard. Thus, transparent glass element is employed generously as part of this home design, allowing the white interior design ideas appear even brighter due the plenty of natural light coming into its open living area.

Walking into this Belgian modern home, you may witness how clean and minimalist the interior looks like. There, you will find this minimalist living room that displays extremely airy interior with only black color splashing in this room. Perfectly contrasting the white interior, you can see how this living room may appear spectacularly clean. You can find the large glass wall panel too with building-length roof skylight to bring in more natural light from the side that is dedicated for this home’s facade.

If you have noticed it earlier, you can find how this block home is connected to another part with charming traditional style as indicated by its pitched roof. As this side is also completely shut from public due its simple white wall exterior as the home facade, you can find a pathway that will lead you to a single entryway. Walking into this side, you can find this white kitchen and dining space.

As the living room displays single punch of gorgeous black, this kitchen and dining space provides the wonderful warm color from the wooden stain for its furniture. Looking totally neat and clean, the open kitchen space has successfully maximized the available wall space for its large cabinetry, thus sparing a room spacious enough for the modern dining set. Undoubtedly, the modern white interior design ideas of this Belgian home would be a great inspiration for you, wouldn’t it?

Image By : Cocoon Architecten

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