Creative Bathroom Decor and Remodeling

When people are talking about bathroom decor, there will be no end. There are so many design nowadays that you can use for your own bathroom. From those designs that spreading fast in the internet, you can start to do the decoration yourself. Or, if you are not confident with yourself, you can ask the professional. For you who want to do the decoration or even remodeling on your own, there are some tips that you can used for decorating the bathroom.

Let’s take a look at that picture first! That is a good example for modern yet luxury design of the bathroom decor ideas. From the picture, we can conclude that the bathroom location is inside the apartment or condominium or a penthouse.

We can say that because of the city view that can be seen from the bathroom’s windows. The bathroom’s surface becomes main point in this bathroom. The dark green stones become the surface, even main materials, for the bath tubs floor, wash bowl, etc. There are only few lamps in the bathroom. They are using candles instead of lamps.

If you want other style, such as modern yet vintage design for the bathroom, you can do it yourself with some considerations of the materials. The point is great combination between all things in the bathroom. Vintage style has some old yet unique style. You can try to use some vintage style furniture for the bathroom. And then, you can choose the modern style for the bathroom wallpaper or textures. This process needs a wise decision for the mix and match.

It is also important to considerate about the effective furniture and storage for the bathroom. You can’t use too many furniture for the small size bathroom, they’ll make the bathroom looks narrow and crowded. You can change the decoration with less furniture with great wallpaper or something else. These bathroom decor ideas for apartment may help you in the future.

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