Creative Build Your Own Bookcases for Making the Mini Library

Do you like to build your own bookcases in your home? If you love reading, it is necessary to build the bookcases, because you can save your book collection in these bookcases. For bookcases design is really varieties. Therefore, to make it unique and antique you have to brows the different bookcases as the reference.

The first design of bookcases is about the globe bookcase that the case was made like the globe. In this case you can save your book collection or any accessories. This bookcases is made from the wood, because the wood can be shaped all design depends on your style. By this globe bookcase, you can build your own library bookcases in your own home.

The next design is bookcases around the door. This bookcase becomes room decoration that is located beside the door. Then, when people enter the room, they will surprise with this decoration. Don’t forget to give some seat in this room, to help people in reading. It will be different design if you build your mini library in your bedroom.

The bookcase is built around the bed then you can read your book before sleeping. Don’t forget to give the lamp above the bed, to help you in to read when the dark. Besides the book collection, you also can put your room accessories in this case, like the picture and some flower.

To make the cheerful design, you can design your case with rich color. This colorful bookcase will give you positive suggestion. You will love to read more than before. Or another design, you can choose the wall bookcase where you can put your case on the wall with different design. In this wall bookcase, the book position will be sloping. This sloping bookcase design gives the different experience for some people when they get reading. In sum, it is easy to make home library bookcases in your own home.

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