Creative Contemporary House for Elegant and Unusual Look

The contemporary house is available for many designs. The modern house can be created for many styles. The architect can improve the sight of the home by adding unique design in the modern home by his creativity. A creative modern home can make the owner feel satisfy and gives enjoyable dwelling place. One of creative modern house has been designed by studio E.

Cobb Architect. This home is called Graham Residence. The home is constructed by three levels. From the outside, the home looks so elegant and unique. The top level is the most unique part in this home. The architect builds this part by creative design. This part is designed by hanging concept. This concept makes the home look amazing and fantastic.

This contemporary house design is designed for getting total natural panorama in the outside, so the architect use glass material domination entire the room. By using glass wall design, the owner can enjoy the surround panorama from inside the home.

Surrounded by fresh and beautiful natural panorama, it makes the glass windows that are embedded entire the home is an appropriate decision. The natural panorama in the outside will bring total relaxation inside the home. It is a smart idea on modern home design.

The interior design is also as unique as the outside. The architect arranges the interior design produces an amazing layout. The modern home interior is designed by grey wall decoration. The huge windows that are applied entire the room make the home interior look brighter and wonderful. The architect also uses creamy tile for designing the floor. The combination of the creamy tiles and grey wall is very impressive. This decoration reduces the sunlight reflection, so it gives shady atmosphere inside the home.

The designer also uses high end material for the furniture. The swanky furniture is matched with elegant interior design. The appropriate elegant furniture that is placed in the interior gives total luxury nuance in the home interior. This contemporary house design ideas are good choice for designing enjoyable dwelling place.

Image By : E. Cobb Architects

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