Creative Design Your Own Kitchen Tips for Tiny Kitchen

You do not need to be an architect to design your own kitchen. If you have the minimalist kitchen, you can be challenged to design it with stylish yet savvy way. The ideas of arranging the small kitchen are provided here as your references in designing your kitchen in the most practical way. These will be useful for you who would like to have the extraordinary kitchen with creative interior arrangement.

First think first, you need to design your own kitchen layout. You should determine where to put the furniture and kitchen decoration. You can make your minimalist kitchen concept looks larger by following the open floor plan. It is the plan where the dining room is incorporated with the kitchen itself. The kitchen furniture should be designed as simple as possible so that the kitchen looks sleeker. Apply light colored furniture to give the bright impression. Bold color can be presented minimally in certain kitchen element as the color accent.

The next tips are you should downsize the kitchen appliances. Do not arrange the kitchen furniture in cramped arrangement. The light wooden kitchen furniture is the best choice for the white kitchen interior. Set the large glass windows to give the open and bright impression in this kitchen area. The pantry with dark wooden dining furniture can be placed in front of this glass window. Sleek and simple are the crucial principles in designing the kitchen in minimalist space. Keep the kitchen appearance by removing the cluttered accent and impression, including the unnecessary decoration.

It is not only the arrangement, the lighting installation is also important in designing the kitchen. Do not make mistake by installing the wrong lighting that will make the kitchen looks dim and cluttered. Use the pendant light on the kitchen ceiling or the fluorescent lighting under the cabinets. Beautifully design your own kitchen activity will give us the satisfaction because we are successful in arranging the kitchen based on our desire.

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