Creative Salon with Space Design with Cozy Space Atmosphere

Designer Marguax Keller and architect Bertrand Gullion was created an incredible salon with space design. There are lot of salon with unique and amazing design to take attention of the customers. That is why Marguax Keller and Bertrand Gullion try to make a new innovation of salon design, more unique your salon more customers you will get. Create salon design which is can make the customers interest in your salon.

Le Coiffeur Hair Salon is the name of salon which is designed with the salon space planning. With new innovation design this salon is ready to compete. Completing by the elegant hairdressing studio will spoiled every customer who comes to visit this salon. Big mirror which is expressly install for all customers where they can saw their self clearly. This mirror can also be the great decoration to make the space looks larger.

At the front of this salon look like ordinary salon, completing by big glass wall, but when you are entering this salon your will get surprise. All things that you see and all of the facilities are really amazing; with all space design make whoever can feel the space sensation. At the big glass wall write the name of this salon clearly. simple design, but that name will be easy to remember by the customer.

Floor design in this salon have unique motif where it is look like a space ship floor, whit simple combination color in this floor and again the space sensation. Supported by the combination color of the wall which is use soft color andseveral hang lamp which decorate the ceiling. In the waiting room, this salon gives facility like sofa and several unique chairs for the customers who wait for their turn. Unique and small table complete the waiting room and it is a perfect combination to again beauty salon space planning.

Image By : designer Margaux Keller

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