Creative Tiny House Designs You Can Make Using Scavenged Stuff

Last May, we have heard about an artist named Gregory Kloehn who built a series of tiny house for the homeless people. Each house was built and made of stuffs found in garbage and spacious enough for one. Pitched roof was employed to keep the homeless safe from the rain too!

Well, have you ever wondered how recycling can be a fun activity to do? Today, we will take you to see some tiny house trailer designs Derek Diedricksen has done by reusing the unused materials. However, wood is the mainly employed materials to build each house. Not only making these tiny living spaces as the green ones, each of them will only cost you far less money too!

Small but pretty spacious for one, you can see how this tiny wooden home can be totally comfortable to live. For your information, this project is done from the same idea, which is to provide the comfortable nest for the homeless. There, you can find a cozy bed which may serve greatly as a cozy nook to do various activities. The roof is designed with transparent zinc to allow plenty of natural light for this tiny home.

There is also this ultra cozy tiny trailer that is designed to mimic the comfort of a home beautifully. There, you can find how the interior is carefully designed. The splash of bright red beautifully delivers the comfort feeling, along with the gorgeous wooden interior to provide the ultimate cozy atmosphere flowing seamlessly in this tiny space. Our favorite item is the gorgeous rug which may provide comfort during the cool days.

We all know how homeless never lives in one place for too long. Thus, you can find that the rolling wheels would be a great feature added to each of this small wooden home trailer. This may be not too much of work to do, especially since providing the whole amenities of an ideal home would be a hard work to do. However, this diy tiny house trailer can be a small gesture of kindness we can provide to others.

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