Creative Wood Interior Decoration that Transforms the Old Building

If you want a warm house, you should construct the building in wood interior concept. Wood will give more warmth to the house if it is compared into another material. Its brown colors are also available in many styles. Choose the most suitable color that match best with your decoration ideas. The nature humaine, an architectural firm, designed house with wood cladding too. They named this house project as the Cambord Residence.

At first, they were requested to renovate the old house of the 1920s duplex. Then, they made the design and it works! They transformed the tedious building into the bright residence. They use wood as its main material with the addition of concrete and glass. This glass is used to design the wide windows which connects the courtyard and inner room. Wood interior design plays an important role to decorate the house’s room.

Let’s we see about this house decoration first. There are white hanging lamps that hung by using the long strings from the above ceiling. These lamps give stylish accent for this room section. Outer windows are built in black steel that looks obvious among the bright room interior. Wood clad is designed for the house flooring, wall, and also ceiling. As we walk to the kitchen, we will see that kitchen only has wood for its ceiling. This was created to avoid the monotonous design.

White concrete wall is combined with these wood constructions. Staircase has brown wood material with black railing in elegant way of decorations. Near this staircase, there is brown bookshelf too. At the second floor, we will see narrow desk table at the tip of the narrow corridor.

Private bedroom lies on this floor with the similar concept of the first floor. If we observe more into the bathroom, we will see that it has bright blue design. This house with wood interior design ideas has many inspiring wood decoration styles.

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