Current Residence Design Welcoming Chilly Winter

Preparing the winter season, residence design with the warm concept are really good idea to welcome the winter. Wonderful private residence by Up Studio shows the modern design, which has two-volume additions. This beautiful house was built as the request of the owner to get the warm house inside. That is why; the natural concept and modern concept are constructed at once in order to give the best living space for the owner.

Maximizing the natural lighting are one of the great idea. That is why white glass windows are installed perfectly on the wall. This beautiful residence design concept also supported by beautiful environment around. The glass window as the rolling glass wall gives chance for the owner to keep enjoying the beautiful atmosphere inside of this house.

This house was constructed by wooden rich combines with the concrete brick wall. White and black wall designed perfectly with the best concept. It looks so interesting to be your beautiful house.

Coming inside of the room, we can find wonderful room with the great interior design. Beautiful living room is designed in minimalist concept. Moreover, to make the fresh environment, this beautiful living room is designed in two theme color. Green and white look so perfect. Minimalist furniture for the small sofa and beautiful wooden table look so suitable. Meanwhile, for having the nature feeling for the warm, beautiful wooden floor in black color are enough to make this room looks so perfect.

Giving the best facilities, this house also prepares the room with the gym room. It looks so simple with minimalist room design. It is needed especially in the winter which is needed the warm body to survive in this island. This beautiful house is surrounded by the snow which has cold temperature. Keep warm by doing some exercise in this house is needed. Best living space are the great residence design concept ideas which knows well what the owner wants.

Image By : Up Studio

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