Cutting Edge Sliding Glass Wall Applied at Madison House in La Quinta

In designing a contemporary or modern house, sometimes many people choose to apply the sliding glass wall. This kind of wall can make the room wider and more spacious. It will also connect one room to other. Yeah, it means that the activities can be seen well for everybody.

In this situation, we have a contemporary residence that applies the wall design. The residence name is Madison House spotted in La Quinta, California, and USA. We find that this residence is one of the projects by XTEN Architecture in 2012.

The related images are following in this article. The applications of sliding glass wall systems in this residence is designed in featuring floor to the ceiling design through the glass wall in sliding styles. It is to open other room and the house to the spectacular views outside.

The structure of this building is exactly dominated by concrete material that is painted in white color accent. The combinations are various such as the brown brick blocks and also the glass itself. When looking at the outdoor side, there is an opened swimming pool with wide deck included some wheel lounge seats.

Now, related to the glass wall panel, it will open the room and connect it to the outdoor views. As we see in the living room, it looks like opened facades. The living room is stylized with white sofas in medium size combined by orange Iconic chairs.

The seating place is facing to the modular glass table. Behind the living room, there is the dining room and kitchen. It is situated in opened space. The dining room is designed in wooden table with white chairs. Looking at the ceiling, we will find gorgeous crystal chandeliers decorating and lighting the room. It looks so wow!

Based on the situation provided in this residence, we will find that the wall glass panel that is designed in sliding will appear the opened plan style. The design can be found in the facades of this residence to connect to the outdoor views. If we are interesting in this interior sliding glass wall systems picture, we can find more it in this post.

Image By : XTEN Architecture

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