Dashing Waterfront House Design in Massive US House for Cosines Living

Gallant look is the best to depict the waterfront house design which is located on a San Juan Island shoreline in Washington, USA. This massive house stands on 2,365 square-foot. This massive 2,365 square-foot home is the project from Seattle-based David Vandervort Architects.

The house has modern and elegant exterior design. Regarding to its look, the questions arise then will be what are the materials used to construct this house? This massive US house is made of CMU block, cedar siding, rolled steel, and metal top of roof.

The architects of this house, David Vandervort Architects have waterfront house design ideas which successfully realized to be the Massive US house. This modern house design has picturesque landscape of natural environment around. The massive US house has large patio, utilized area, and two garages.

Inside the house, you will be greeted by the cozy atmosphere. There are some modern furniture made of wood featured the house. Surrounded by curve glass walls, you are offered by magnificent landscaping outside the house. Inside the house is also found fireplace set that can add elegant to the interior.

One that is interesting from the house is the use of glass walls. It seems like the architects of this house wants to accentuate the waterfront views. Besides that, the use of glass materials is also beneficial because it can lighten up the room by the natural light that goes through the glass wall. The use of glass walls can also trap the heat from the sun. For giving modern touch to the house, the perfect arrangement of two pavilions is applied.

With all its natural and beauty, the house is designed for you who need comfort and security. You will be amazed by its exterior and interior design and fall in love at the first sight to this house. Massive US house is modern waterfront house design which offers comfort to live in.

Image By : David Vandervort Architects

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