Dazzling Glass Facades Reflected in Melbourne Treetop House

Many people like to apply the glass facades in order to gain enough sky lights. Besides, it will also allow us to look around the outdoor views and enjoy them through the glass. In this case, the design with its dazing style comes from a contemporary house called The Treetop House. This house is a remodeling ad extension of a Federation building in single front terrace. Matt Gibson Architecture and Design had designed this house as one of dazzling houses in Melbourne, Australia.

The pictures and details are here. The two-story house reflects in this house featuring the open plan facades in which the second floor building is floated for the terrace ceiling. This house as dazzling views in which in front porch, we will get the natural lawn with some plants on the right and left sides completed with some lights. In one room, they apply comfortable seating room with single porcelain chair and futuristic coffee table. This place becomes a great place to enjoy outdoor panoramic scene.

When getting look at interior applications they come with narrow wooden hallway with consists wall and ceiling. One example is in visual room that applies grey sectional sofas with sleeper and various grey pillows. It faces to round leather table with TV set and classic fireplace in cabinet.

It is well matched with the kitchen style. It involves a small white cabinet for stove and sink placement included upper rack extension and steel backsplash. In front side, the white counter is completed with the black barstools.

Based on the description and pictures, we can get many more deals from following images. The designs that are offered in this house are kind of contemporary design with dazzling views. We can meet the lighting system, building structure, and furniture application in great styles. Therefore, get the glass facades interior design in this article if you want to get more inspirations.

Image By : Matt Gibson Architecture and Design

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