Decorative Wall Mirrors for Living Room which Makes the Space Wider

The twin big wall mirrors for living room are very classy with the black frame. It is arranged close to the white fireplace and faces the wooden old styled furniture. The wooden indoor furniture also combined with the white tuxedo sofa with stripes cover motif. The two mirrors can reflect the entire room decoration. And it makes the room clear and wide.

If your dislike the big mirror, you can choose the smaller mirror size such as this squared mirror. It looks like photo frame and hanged in the pale grey wall color. Although the room is modern in design; curved shaped ceiling and wall those wall decors can make it look like an old styled room.

The next adornments are bigger that before and it is also ancient. The black framed decorative wall mirrors for living room are matches with the Italian chandelier on the bright white ceiling color. It seems that the looking glass is suitable while it is placed close to the fireplace.

Brown corduroy long sofa can helps the ancient effects on it to shows more. Since the time has changed the wall art also designed in some irregular and advanced design. Such as the spiked wall decors on the creamy wall color. One of them is a mirror that can be used to shows your face. Light yellow armless chair set and pale green tufted sofa are completed with some attractive throw pillows. The all modern furniture arranged on the white furry carpet which covered the entire floor side.

For those who like about shabby chic home decoration, this white and vintage look room can be their reference. It is furnished with white armless chair set, white camel back sofa, and long bench on the corner. Above the modern camelback sofa, four reflects are placed. It can also place the large decorative mirrors for living room to make it simpler.

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