Delightful Duplex Modern Design with Danish Interior Ideas

You need to know that Barkeley Residence is the most delightful house since the Duplex Modern Design can be applied perfectly for the exterior. In addition, the interior decoration is decorated with Danish design so that it looks so perfect. By applying modern furnishings for the house, even, the exterior and interior design becomes more delightful.

The garage, for example, is the best design since the wall lamps are decorated with cylinder panel. In addition, the tropical plants are planted near the front door of the house. With some tropical plants are planted near the main entrance door, the exterior design seems so perfect. Since the house is built in triplex floor design, the glass panel really looks so great installed on aluminum frame. In addition, the glass railing that is installed on the outdoor balcony really emerges the brightest light for the exterior design. With Duplex Modern House Design, the decoration of the house becomes more complete. In addition, the green lawn that surrounds the house really looks so perfect because the flower bed is made from concrete material.

The red cushion that is applied for the red sofa also looks so delightful because the authentic carpet covers the floor installation perfectly. In addition, the cabinet is decorated with sliding model so that it looks so enchanting. For the wooden bench installed in the front foyer, the pattern cushion is applied along with human sculptures. In addition, the floor installation is granite floor so that it looks so classy. The sliding design for the main entrance also fits the exterior since the kitchen island is made from wooden material.

The arch design for the kitchen faucet also looks so enchanting since the kitchen sink is made from aluminum material. In addition, the kitchen stools are made from fabric material so that it seems so wonderful. With Duplex Modern House Plans installed as main design for the house, both exterior and interior really has a delightful nuance.

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