Delightful Low Energy Home Using Different Design

Well, in this chance, you are going to see an article talking about a low energy home named PPLB 0422. Finished in 2008, this project was designed by STEINMEDZDEMEYER Architectes. This project is situated in the city of Luxembourg, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In the first picture you will see that this building is such an adorable creation that can simply indulge your eyes. You can see that the building itself is created with amusing design. There are nice touches making this building look very nice. Here you can see combination of light brown, dusty brown, and also white. You shall see that the paneling design uses concrete material. There are glasses applied in the windows and also paneling. See also low energy home designs.

The second picture gives you a closer view of the house. You know, there is garage available as part of the house. There are two gates with wooden materials. Awesomeness is seen through the gates here. Fabulous white concrete design is something amusing seen from the angle here. You can see the construction looks very nice. Cohesive with the next building part that is paneled with dusty brown, this house looks really nice. The white paneled building part has no roof tiles.

The third one is the house looked from behind. You will see much pleasant in this area. There is a patio with some loungers that can relax you in your spare time. There is grassy field looking so inviting. There is a nice tree available as well.

You know, this place has four levels and you can see that glasses are used as panels, windows, and doors. It looks that the house design is really a top quality one. Staying in such modern low energy house will be very nice of course. Find low energy house designs, too.

Image By : STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes

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