Delightful Modern Minimalist House Flowing Delightful Atmosphere

Will sure, it will inspire everyone with this modern minimalist house which was built at Manhattan Beach. This wonderful house is designed for the private residence by blending the breezy feeling of the wind beach. Designed by LeanArch Architects flaunts a wonderful house which is called as Kuhlhaus 02 home. That is unique in structure and beautiful concept for interior also persuades you to come there.

The modern minimalist house design looks so perfect from the front house. It looks so perfect with the elegant and exclusive in modern concept. The front wall is in the grey theme with beautiful texture looks so nice. Meanwhile, to keep in eye catching, this wonderful house takes the glass wall to be the solar panels, which will make the natural lighting comes inside. You will enjoy the day in this beautiful house.

Moreover, when the night comes, you could find beautiful building with the elegant lighting appear. It must be a palace in the night, where the hidden lighting on the wall makes this building looks so perfect in gold theme. It makes the elegant impression for this house. Coming inside, we got beautiful kitchen in modern design. The beautiful table kitchen with modern stove there looks so tidy. Wall cabinet in black themed looks so strong and elegant.

Coming inside of the living room, we can enjoy the beautiful living room with the wooden theme. Enjoying the day inside of wooden wall, and wooden chair completed with beautiful glass table feels so fresh. It shows the best design interior with its beautiful fruit theme as the centerpiece. Which is more interesting is when we are going to the roof top; we can find beautiful stairs in orange color. It looks so and wonderful to complete this modern minimalist house plans, everything flows perfectly in delightful atmosphere.

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