Deluxe Bungalow Design for Your Pleasure Feeling

This bungalow design seems so terrific with private swimming pool. It also has wooden material which makes this place look so luxury. This bungalow also has open area which feels so relaxing and perfect to satisfy your pleasure feeling. Do you want to know about this bungalow review? Check it out this whole article.

This place has awesome interior design. It has wooden glass sliding doors which make this residence has an open area. You can find fancy living room in the corner area. It has black rug which covers the wooden floor. Above the carpet is set white sofa bed which is blend with black cushions. It also has black big coffee table in the center of the living area. You also can see black relaxing chair which is available in the room corner. Look how fantastic these bungalow design plans!

In the left of the living room you can see simple dining area. It has white table with metal leg. This table is surrounded with six black chairs with metal legs. Look how fantastic this design. In the left of the dining place you can find unique area.

It is like indoor rectangle garden which has glass wall. It also has open roof so the sunlight straightly enters this space. This area doesn’t have any green plants but just full of white garden rocks. Look how unique this area!

The next is the design of kitchen area. The kitchen has white long kitchen island which is blend with three grey modern bar chairs. Imagine how stunning this area for your residence! The architecture also looks pretty awesome. It has rectangle design with open wooden terrace in the side of the pool.

This terrace has black rattan sofa which is blend with black rattan arm chair. Imagine how perfect this spot for your tea time in the morning. Let’s add these modern bungalow design plans into your future house project!

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