Divergent Modern Shop Design Serves Maximal Pleasurable Aura

The Brazilian modern shop design can makes the customer and people who pass in front of it. Hexagonal shape that constructed in neat arrangement is very different and stylish. The black hexagon shows the modern idea of this shop. Some of the palettes are made of transparent material that used for ventilation.

This two story building is located close to the street and so many people will see it clearly. In front side the concrete sidewalk pavers are very coarse and suitable with its exterior design. All of the modern shop design ideas originally created by SuperLimaoStudio.

They made it as if a honey bee house that provides much modern home furniture. The hexagon scale is large and it looks like a robot house theme. Irregular roof design also makes it different and bold. The creative design will make the furniture store not only sell the appliances but also it spells the customer through its look.

While the exterior is very futuristic, the interior has antique decoration. Pale red brick wall is one of the antique themes inside. Many outdoor lamps are installed to make it bright and glow in the night. Come to the internal side that filled with different furniture models. There are modern sectional sofa set, wooden dining table set, and wall arts decoration.

Steel sheet on the window panel is colored in burgundy and the wall has black color. The tempered glass walls also protected this exhibition shop with thick steel frame. The cement staircase is unique with the acrylic handrail which has grayish color scheme.

This store will make the customer comfortable while choosing the fit furniture for their home. The large back wing chair can also suitable for those who have spacious room. The second floor also filled with modern furniture model, such as the modern chaise. These creative modern shop front design ideas provide comfort aura for buyers.

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