Dramatic Japanese House using Louvered Facade

Forget about the old Japanese house which uses transparent facade covered in bamboo materials. This following house would give a totally different impressions as it employs louvered facade to cover the glass panels. The house was designed by Fujiwarramuro Architects for a client who resides in Muko, Kyoto, Japan. This modern house is located on the corner of the street, therefore the architect could have a wider space to put their creation into reality.

From the outer part of the house, we can see that this modern residence has an elliptical form which looks more like a water drop. This Japanese house plans, however, comprises of two stories. The very fist floor is utilized to accommodate kitchen, dining, and living which are centered in one large room. Additionally, the ground floor also has a master bedroom and bathroom. Meanwhile, the upper part of the house is utilized as a kids room and bathroom.

When we move inside the house, we can see that the louvered facade is very useful in giving dramatic shadow inside. Without this kind of facade, the house would receive much natural light. However, the presence of the facade helps the residents to filter the natural light, so that it comes in a very proper amount. The living room, for example, looks staggeringly beautiful with the combination of wooden furniture and the shadow resulted from the facade.

The living room floor is covered by laminated wooden floor. The furniture on this part of the house also has similar hue which adopts light brown color. The living room itself has a curvy sofa as accompanied with hanging chairs. On the back of the sofa, we can find a wooden dining table as surrounded by four designer chairs. In terms of lighting, this Japanese house plans architecture utilizes ceiling integrated lamps as well as floor lamps.

Image By : Fujiwarramuro Architects

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