Dusty Holiday Home in Todos Santos with an Exquisite Pool

Well, now you are about to read an article talking about a holiday home. This is about a fantastic project of Gracia studio. It is about a house situated in Todos Santos, Mexico. Here you shall see some pictures about the house here. They will also be described with some details.

First, the picture is about an exquisite pool of the house. You see the building of the house seen here has dusty exterior. You see there is pergola wit natural material. Well, on the area near the pool, you can see a fabulous wooden lounger with artistic design. The water appearance looks so fresh and inviting.

You see the pool’s liners are white. Next, the picture here shows you about the area of the pool captured at night. You know, the lighting designs applied are lovely. The pool also applies lighting design. See also holiday home rentals.

In the third image, here you can see another angle about the house and also the pool. You see there is another part with some plants seen here. Well, you know, long rustic white wall is seen applied in the interior of the house seen from here. In the fourth image, you can see the pool design. Apparently, it is an L-shaped swimming pool. On the patio available here, you can see two lovely chairs with wooden table and also wooden benches.

In the fifth picture, it is about the interior design applied in one area of the house. It looks like a corridor. The left wall applies cream tiles installed like bathroom’s walling. Here you can find dusty ceiling and also dusty floor but the colors are different.

Here you can see wooden doors as well. The last one is about two nice glass windows. One of the windows is opened like a gate of old castle. There are chains used to hold the window seen here. Well, find more ideas in luxury holiday home rentals later on.

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