Eccentric Contemporary Beach House Serving Comfort with Oceanfront View

Looking for some ideas to spend your holiday, this contemporary beach house in Norway is the right choice to visit. Magnificent landscape of the beach enriches the view in this place. It is added by the vegetations growing in the area nearby. What a wonderful life in here! Even the building guarantees your living during your vacation. That will be nice moment with your beloved people. And, this it is the Split House that gives you high comfort.

Designed by Oslo-based architectural studio JVA, this house has eccentric shape which is stunning and distinctive. Unlike general house using clear look for the exterior, the architects take contemporary beach house designs applied in its construction. The architecture has pointed nooks and bold lines on its sides. Made of natural materials, the building combines stone material for the flooring ideas and outer wall with the wooden walls for home exterior. Do not forget they also use glass facade not to let the picturesque view go away from your sights.

The architectural design is just wonderful. It benefits the different height of this sloping area to be something more artistic. You can see the in the picture in which the front side is facing the lower land. It is the place where you enjoy capturing the spacious land spreading out in front of it. Meanwhile, the back side is higher than the front one functioned as the backyard. With such condition, the architects connect both sides by building stone stair.

Even though this site stands out its characteristics on the outside view, it doesn’€™t mean it leaves interior aspects. The atmosphere inside the house is so breezy and bright because of the good circulations as well as adequate windows. The interior design is just full of natural ambience to bring peace and calm.

It is really a good place to relax your mind actually. Of course the lighting fixtures determine the beauty here. They shine yellow light that makes the room cozy and romantic. If you are interested in such designs, these modern contemporary beach house plans can be applied to your own place.

Image By : JVA

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