Eclectic Guest House Combining the Rustic and Modern Style

Located in a rural area of France, the guest house known as Maison d’Ulysse was designed in combining many house design and plans. The rustic or countryside appearance which is featured by this house has made us clearly aware that this house design is the most advanced among other in this location.

The natural view of the village named Baron also provides the best panoramic background to this house. The captivating natural and traditional designs applied in this house have been increasing the cultural value of this place and make it worth to visit.

Despite the rustic and traditional design, this house also offers the comfort and pleasure when you decided to stay in this rentable holiday house. The rustic exterior design which is enriched by medium sized swimming pool is really inviting as it will also give you with naturally designed garden.

The guest house plans are also wonderful with the combination of exterior furniture sets which can serve you with this pleasurable experience. The yellow minimalist outdoor seats placed near the swimming pool are the first expressive design which will tell you about the uniqueness of this house. That contrast accent is then supported by the comfortable modern tanning chairs.

When you are entering this house from the back garden, the eclectic nuance is dominating the entire sight of yours. The limestone wall which is covering the entire surface of the house exterior looks traditional since the placement of the untrimmed stones is very random but neat anyway.

The decoration of this room is the difference. The minimalist dining table sets which are framed by steel has exposed the dramatic transition of the house. However, among these modern dining tables and seats, there are also some traditional pots that look pale and faded green color.

The full renovation was done on the interior which has replaced the rustic and old appearance with the very modern and luxurious feature. This modernity will be easily found in the area of the interior since the guest house design plans are intentionally to expose this sensation.

Image By : Maison d’Ulysse

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