Eclectic Home Remodeling of Barn in Soglio as Contemporary House

Conducting home remodeling for our older building will create anew atmosphere. However, sometime we are expecting that the house still keep several conditions in original taste. Here we have one example of remodeling house that still keep the original taste.

The house is called as a Barn in Soglio. The house is one of the projects by Ruinelli Associati Architetti as a contemporary home designs. The looks of the structure in this building can be said as eclectic. This building is located in Soglio, Switzerland as a three-story house.

Here we are with several photos of this house. The concept of home remodeling ideas comes with the situation that we need to remodel the house within keeping the original taste. In this case, the house is structured based on the stones barns as main construction.

Looking at thee exterior wall design, it consists of combination of barns and some striped wooden wall. The condition of striped wall allows the lights to penetrate well inside of the house. The roofs are also stylized in very traditional styles. This house is located in the middle of greenery in sloping area.

Dealing to the interior decoration, we are also here with some photos. The structure includes neutral concrete wall, floor, and wooden ceiling design. To reach next level, they apply wide neutral concrete staircases. The room is also made in spacious area.

As we see in living room, they come with simple chaise seats facing to the bold yellow table with green flowers. They are well placed facing to an eclectic wall panel with classic fireplace. Behind this panel, there is kitchen and dining area that is encouraged based on the combination of wooden and concrete furniture applications.

Based on the situation coming from this house, what do you think of them? Can you imagine of the design? If you are still confused, you may take more looks at the further photos to be greater. The home remodeling ideas pictures that are provided in this article will really help you to find the best home redesigning models.

Image By : Ruinelli Associati Architetti

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