Eclectic Studio Apartment Interior with Charming and Inviting Look

This studio apartment interior in Manhattan is a great reference for you who look for inspiration in designing and organizing a small residence of yours. In term of interior design style, this small studio apartment goes truly adorable with its inspiring eclectic interior style by incorporating the warm, rich hues to improve the comfort at the same time. To keep this small residence from being cramped, this studio apartment displays a smart way in maximizing any space for storage space solution to make it comfortable enough for one person to live in.

As you enter this small residence, you will be greeted by a small but compact kitchen. A gorgeous wooden table is seen, which serves greatly as both kitchen and dining table. This small kitchen is beautifully decorated by exposed brick wall which is brought into this studio apartment interior design as gorgeous accent wall. As you can see, the kitchen demonstrates excellent storage solution without being lack for aesthetic aspect. For the exposed brick wall, the space is cleverly occupied for wine storage too.

Then, you can draw your attention to the small but cozy living room. The choice of white sofa is simply decorated by fluffy accent in addition to lovely pillows. Complementing the cozy sofa is an adorable stool upholstered by beautiful fabric in vintage print. Perfectly placed right next to the sofa is a sideboard and open shelving unit which is used to double as space divider too. Potted plants give more privacy as a small bedroom is placed right next to this small but cozy seating area.

On the corner, a small home office can be seen. Just like what you see from small dining space, the brick accent wall is occupied with extra storage space as well as a board for important notes related to work. However, you may find that this corner does not lack for decorative element. Old glass bottles are repurposed as vase for dried plants and perfectly mounted to wall to provide decorative element here. There are antique cupboards as well. As for the bedroom, the studio apartment interior design ideas simply use white drapes to it from home office.

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