Elegant Botanical Interior Decoration within Modern Apartment

Different nuance of naturalistic botanical interior decoration reveals the refreshing atmosphere for the modern apartment design. Inspired by the nature, the sophisticating interior decoration applies the plants for fulfilling the entire area.

Minimum decoration of the plants as the details definitely evokes the comfortable living place in elegant and refreshing atmosphere. The enjoyable interior surely pleases the owner with different style of decoration. For enhancing the situation, the existence of white and neutral accent evokes the fabulous apartment with the combination of modern design.

The botanical interior design within this apartment comes from the some plants that are nestled around the inside. Natural material such as woods strengthens this idea. At the living room, warm situation pleases the relaxation in the combination of white wall and sofa with the wooden floor. Limited space at the living room brings the windows to strengthen the cozy atmosphere.

Simple planters at the corner indicate the botanical decoration. Astonishing wooden decoration is showcased at the living room as the cabinets design. The combination of white glossy marble table top, this simple decoration evokes the naturalistic decoration in pleasant nuance.

Dining area at the corner surely presents the fabulous dinner with its minimalist decoration. Botanical decoration of the simple planters on the white table is perfectly combined with the modern chairs with natural ornament. Comfortable bedroom applies the neutral wall decoration with refreshing design of hanging planters as the headboard.

White bed and large windows definitely evokes the smooth and cozy atmosphere with naturalistic accent of the interior decoration. White simple shower room brings the botanical details at the white wall with striking floor decoration in ground accent. Woods, marble and hanging planters bring the splendid naturalistic accent within the powder room with its elegant and classy atmosphere.

Modern apartment needs an innovative design to evoke the different experience of living. Naturalistic plan for decoration comes to bring a new concept in refreshing and healthy situation. Botanical apartment interior decoration is one kind of innovative natural interior designs that brings the nature in different presentation.

Some plants are nestled at the entire area. Minimalist decoration brings a strong effect without losing the modernity. Cozy and refreshing nuance of this modern botanical apartment showcases the comfortable living place in innovative design of naturalistic style.

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