Elegant Breeze House that Giving Healthy Living

The elegant breeze house has unique and strong natural element idea. The Blu Homes project is a creative project that gets inspiration from natural environment from its surrounding. This creative home is located among a lush green plant in California. From the outside, this home is dominated of wooden material. This design is matched with the environment surround the home.

The wooden material also emits warmth and looks more elegant. The designer knows that wooden material will make harmony design of the home and its surrounding. The middle part of the facade is created from an elegant glass window material. This design of the glass window is a smart idea because the interior design of the home can be seen from the outside this condition increase the facade design of the home.

Like in the facade, the backyard of the home is also dominated by wooden material. The designer applies the glass material in the middle of the backyard too. The difference of the facade and the backyard of the home are on the view. The designer provide beautiful swimming pool in the backyard.

The swimming pool in the backyard is a perfect place for doing total relaxation. The owner can enjoy the sunlight from the tanning chair in the edge of the swimming pool. It will be delightful activity that can be done in the backyard. Fresh atmosphere and beautiful view is a smart breeze house plans.

Entering the home interior, we can feel powerful modern design inside the home. Bright room is applied for decorating the home interior design. Wooden floor and some wooden ornament give natural atmosphere in the room interior. Wooden material and bright room design in the interior home give balance nuance inside the home.

The designer also uses swanky and eclectic furniture for decorating the home interior. This furniture designs are matched with the wooden material and bright room interior. Modern and elegant furniture and accessories increase the elegance of the interior design. This breeze house design can increase the quality of living.

Image By : Blu Homes

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