Elegant Interior Apartment Using Simple Furniture

The choosing of the interior apartment is not easy. You should determine the interior used related to the room size, shape and form. Determining the style of the interior used is also important to make the apartment room become elegant and wonderful. Good choice of the interior design can be found in Harbour Attic Apartment.

This apartment is located in the village of Camogi. It is the area which is located in Genoa province, Italy. The designer of this apartment is Gosplan. The interior used in this apartment is modern but simple. The simple interior is used at this apartment because this apartment room is small.

The furniture used for the interior apartment decorating is various. The furniture used at this apartment is simple. There are a sofa, some pillows, TV, and arc lamps which are put in the living room. A square table and three chairs are put on the dining room. The white cabinet and aluminum sink are used at the kitchen decoration. The white bed is used at the bedroom. The cabinet, wasteful, and toilet are used at the bathroom.

The furniture used at this house is using combination between black and white colors. The using of the black and white furniture is suitable in this apartment room. It is suitable because the room of this apartment is small. The using of combination of these colors make the room looks spacious. It is also making the rooms look clean and neat. The using of these colors is used at the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

The using of the bright color is also used for the room interior design. The bright design is used for the wall decoration, floor, and also ceiling. The built- in lamps are also used at apartment interior decorating ideas to get bright lighting.

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