Elegant Outdoor Lounge in Top Apartment

One of the most attractive places in apartment is outdoor lounge, especially the lounge in the top apartment. This place can be a great place for relaxation and do some reflection after the busy day in schools of offices. In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, you can find this elegant lounge in the rooftop of top apartment in Fantastic Prahbu Apartment. This apartment has basic concept of contemporary theme, and the lounge is also using contemporary design.

That picture is showing you the outdoor lounge design ideas with long tables and long chairs. The black stones tables are look stand out because of the greenery and white stones decoration in the middle of the table. And as the addition, they are put some drinks in the white stones, so they look so cool. The chairs are also eye-catching thanks to the red flower patterns that look bright in the middle of the black lounge.

The designers from dKO Architecture Studio are succeeding for making the lounge looks awesome. People can enjoy seeing the city sky or city building from the open-lounge. There is also small garden with small waterfall in the corner of the lounge. That looks so impressive. This lounge is actually the part of the top apartment in this Fantastic Prahbu Apartment. There is an apartment with minimalist design too near the lounge.

Inside the apartment, we can see the minimalist dining room that facing the lounge. The dining room has one wooden table and six chairs. The walls and the floors in this room are in white color. There are stone walls too in the walls inside the room. This dining room has unique blue transparent windows that surrounding the dining room. For other rooms in this apartment are in the same concept of modern lounge design ideas with minimalist design.

Image By : dKO Architecture Studio

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