Elegant Penthouse Interior in Neutral Color Tone

Located in the well developed city of Toronto, Canada, the architect company named Cecconi Simone Inc. has been successfully developing an elegant penthouse interior which looks elegant and very luxurious.

This modern penthouse is decorated in dramatic dark tone with a swap of white accent in some of its room. This combination creates a neutral tone that makes this modern apartment looks fancy and very homey. The fanciness of this apartment is also reinforced by selected furniture which possesses the similar accent.

The modernity of this penthouse is designed with the addition of casual touch that creates a minimalist design but still looks gorgeous. The bright tone which is implemented in the living room is an example of the casual design which dominates the character of this modern penthouse interior.

The white fabricated sectional sofas which are placed in the middle of this penthouse living room looks very matched with the dark toned cocktail tables. The lounge which adjoins the living room also reveals the luxurious of this apartment since you will find a classy decoration of a grand piano.

Moreover, the black accented cocktail cabinet which mounted on the apartment wall is also complementing the style of this comfortable suite. Your stay in this room will always be exclusive with the warm of the exotic fireplace which is installed in the end of the room.

In the right side of the living room, the bright toned kitchen is set adopting the monochromatic interior accent. The addition of this relaxing atmosphere is then decorated by an artistic chandelier which provides romantic lighting to the room.

The neutral nuance is likely applied in the whole rooms of this penthouse including the bedroom. The design of this elegant bedroom refers to the concept of bedroom office ideas since you will find a small area on which a working desk and book shelves are placed. The black and white accent is also filling the atmosphere of this room. It is presented on the combination of bright bed cover with the dark bedframe. There are also many parts which features a modern penthouse bedroom which exposes the neutral atmosphere.

Image By : Cecconi Simone Inc

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