Elegant Rest House that Giving Total Relaxation

The elegant rest house can be used from the owner relaxation. This type of house is used by the owner to release the stress in the mind. This home usually is built far from the dense urban area because the function of the home is used as relaxation.

One of the relaxation houses has been designed by Tim Spicer Architect and Col Bandy Architect in Victoria, Australia. This adorable house is located among of the lush green plant. The green environment surrounds the home give total relaxation to the owner. the lush green plants also give fresh air for healthy condition entire the home.

From the outside, the rest house design looks adorable with asymmetrical design. The architect uses his creativity to design this home. A unique exterior is very impressive. The architect gives huge glass window in the corner of the home. This window lets the owner to enjoy the natural panorama surrounded the home.

The interesting part of the home is the gutter beside the home. The gutter is designed from metallic material that gives different sense in the home design. The water from the roof is flown to the pond directly. This make the water supply to the pond is effective and efficient.

The interior design of the relaxation house is very impressive. The bright room dominates the interior decoration. The sunlight from the outside gives bright condition in the room interior. The huge windows are embedded as the long of the backyard. The windows are used to enjoy the beautiful panorama from the second level. The owner can do many activities in the home and enjoy the amazing panorama in the outside.

The relaxation home is an amazing idea to design the modern home. The location that is far from the city makes a peace nuance in the home is powerfully felt. By using high end material of the furniture, the home gives enjoyable and comfortable place to be dwelled. This rest house plan design is an amazing idea in designing modern home.

Image By : Tim Spicer Architects

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