Enchanting Hill Residence in Modern Design

Marbletecture has designed this beautiful hill residence. The residence shape is unique in the sophisticated house design. It is in hexagonal shape. Tattuplex is the major element used by this residence. Contemporary style is the design concept. Applying the modern elements, this residence has the extraordinary design. The house is located on the hill. The garage is in the lower part of the house location. The exterior flooring in front of the garage is made from the concrete in grey color.

This hill residence design employs grey as the exterior color theme. For reaching the residence, there is a small pathway with steps. The interior is still dominated by grey color yet with the wooden color as its color accent. The windows and doors are designed in the simple design. Wooden furniture is the furniture that is placed in this home interior.

Basically, this house interior is spacious. It has the concrete shiny flooring in grey. The kitchen is designed in the modern style. The wooden kitchen furniture looks sleek and simple. It makes the contemporary feel of this interior stronger. In front of the kitchen, there a set of dining furniture. The circular wooden table is surrounded by the modern wooden chairs with black leather as its cushions. The interior ceiling is in steel with wooden beams as the accent. The large glass sliding door is installed to give the bright impression and to connect the kitchen with the outdoor.

This house has the spacious balcony on the second floor. It is just furnished with an artistic wooden chair. This balcony offers the fabulous scenery view. The view can also be seen from the master bedroom that is designed in the modern style. It is because the bedroom also has the large sliding door that brings the outdoor view inside. Stylish hill residence often has the unique and sophisticated concept, just like this Tattuplex residence.

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