Enchanting Luxury Home Design Surrounded with Exquisite View

This means to decide over this luxury home located in Tiburon, San Francisco, California. It is surrounded with green environment, such as trees and bushes, also flowers. Building was created on sloping landscape thus giving unique accent.

Use light brown or khaki paint color for exterior walls. After that, choose black rooftop style with furnished wooden panels on exterior ceiling under roof area. Choose panoramic view surrounding living place for additional effect of relaxation time.

Arrange outdoor setting so people can enjoy exquisite scenery while having barbeque party or outdoor tea time in the afternoon. The luxury home decor done here is about adding kitchen space of creamy drawers under black marble countertop, along with white bar stools. On the other side of area facing valley, install glass guardrails. Then, place canes couches with light brown cushions and striped pattern of white pillows. Put stone fire pit in front of sofa.

The house itself has wooden deck area with metal guardrails in black finish. Arrange romantic setting consists of table set for candle light dinner or just for having refreshing dinner. Place white marble table surrounded with dark brown chairs. Add rounded glass for candle holders. Hallway is separated with large door made of glass material and black frame. Put wooden drawer and white flowers on top, and then hang unique orange pendant light to ceiling and artistic painting to wall.

Living room has brown sofas and white plush armchairs on top of soft carpet. There is additional comfy recliner next to black fireplace. Lounge zone near indoor kitchen is designed with tufted sofas and creamy orange chairs with nice blanket. Meanwhile, kitchen space has yellow marble stone for countertop part installed above furnished cabinets. The luxury home decor ideas are completed with modern style of chandelier and fresh potted plant on surface.

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