Energetic Ceramic Interior Design that Dynamize Your Movement

Imagine that you can do a lot of activities in a such beautiful ceramic interior design freely and in anti mainstream style! Yes! This is about the effective interior design that help to maximize of the dynamic movement of lot activities. Well, this design made by Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez might a great design that use ceramic as the basic material of great house.

The idea is by making one large room into a multifunction room without separating each rooms in wall partition. This one large room divided into several part that represent of the conventional room. First, the living room is placed on the front. It separated with some prop wall that in the back of it there is a large lounge room. Here you can see that there was a large room that have TV.

Next to it, there is dinning and kitchen partition. On the half of room weight, there is desk partition for the office room. And at the top, there is the bedroom that have a very low height because the function is only for sleep. The interior design ceramic tile makes everything look clear and united. Take a look at this map to figure out the description.

The decoration also very stunning. It has an elegant concept that pour some beautiful art hanged on the wall. See at the multi size rounded mirror over the wall. It just bring some nice decor to the room. This one-large-multifunction-room must be a very unique design.

All white color of the room make the nuance of the room very beautiful. You can always get a new energy every time you sit down or just work here. You can always easy to move from the one to another room because actually there is no separated room. Well, this amazing interior design ceramic floor tiles also make a new trend on the home design!

Image By : Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez

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