Enjoyable Modern Penthouse Ideas for Best Living Space

If you are staying in the middle of city, you would like to find the best place, and it must be little bit difficult for you, moreover, we are here would like to recommended you with this modern penthouse ideas as the good place for you.

Incredible concept of this penthouse is beautiful architecture which is designed dazzling perfectly on Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed in tasteful and modern materials, this wonderful penthouse also persuades everyone with beautiful terrace which is designed in open living plan.

This lovely modern penthouse decorating ideas is really interesting by bringing the floral atmosphere inside. Beautiful terrace which is designed as the open living plan looks so perfect by giving some flowers around. Some nature elements also look so perfect by giving the rich wood to suit the place. We are sure, it must be good place for enjoying the day especially when the evening time, having a hot tea while enjoying sunrise there.

Coming inside in this penthouse, then you will find modern concept of the living room. Minimalist design is tasted here. Beautiful wall with pale color is designed smartly for beautiful storage space. Moreover, for table, it will blow your mind with its elegant triangle concept from glass and wood. Wooden floor and beautiful sofa with throw pillows looks so nice in that room. Completing by the natural lighting from the solar panels, makes this room keeps in warm and comfort.

Even though this penthouse is designed in minimalist concept, it does not mean you will not find the comfort space here. Wonderful kitchen room is designed perfectly next to the window. Beautiful dining table with flowers for the centerpiece looks so nice. Enjoying the day in amazing bright room is really interesting here.

Moreover for the ceiling light, it has personal feature in this room. Beautiful living plan also designed for enjoying the day. Decorating with beautiful flowers centerpiece, modern penthouse decorating ideas pictures that you can see, have an amazing personal feature for everyone to have a good seat there.

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