Enjoying the Keeping Memories in Coffee Table Made From Book

Great furniture is made from the idea of keeping memories in coffee table. If you like enjoying the morning but there is no additional activities that you can do, you can try to make coffee table with some history and memory inside the table.

Firstly, it is about the shape of the table memories. The shape of this table is like a big book with thick hard cover covered the book. The surface of the table is made from wood to protect the memories inside the book. It is also use to make the table be long lasting. To cover the surface of the book, it is used vinyl.

It also can be painted or drawn picture on the surface of the book to make the book more interesting. Then, the materials that are used inside the book are ring books, and card paper. Ring book has function to keep the shape of the book table and to make the book easily opened, while card paper is used to protect the keeping memories alive scrapbooking inside the book from ripped.

Now, it is time to fill the book. You can start by filling it with some memorable pictures of your own. You also can put pictures with your lovely person such as parent, brother or closed friend. You also can make some historical journey happened in your life in the form of photo. It is also possible for you to put some unforgettable thing such as your first toys, love card etc. you also can save your hand phone inside the book table.

About the position of this table, you can take this table in the bedroom or in the relaxing room or in any places where you can be enjoying the history of the scrapbooking history of your life with glass coffee on it.

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