Entertaining Apartment Interior with Waterfront Feature

Located in Vancouver, Canada, this penthouse has a beautiful apartment interior. It depicts a luxurious lifestyle of the owners. The penthouse’s location also supports amazing ocean view with the parked boats.

The design is presented by Feenstra Architecture, a very famous local architectural firm. The penthouse is also complemented by outdoor patio covered in transparent glass wall. The patio is equipped with modern seating area with lounge chairs and low coffee table.

Let’s take a look at the lower level of the penthouse. The apartment interior design employs ceramic tile colored in grey. The seating area comprises of a family room and a home theater. The family room employs curvy sofa as accompanied with coffee table made out off glass materials. The second seating area has an L-shaped couch facing the television. In the middle between sitting area and family room, we can find a modern fireplace integrated within the support column.

The dining and kitchen employs modern and luxurious design. It also has dim light employed inside the house. The kitchen counters is made out of stainless materials. These counters are also served as the room divider between the seating room and the kitchen.

The dining hall itself employs long dining table as surrounded by bamboo chairs. Above the dining table, we can find three modern hanging lamps with round caps. One of the dining room’s wall is decorated with red painting to add the residents’ appetite.

Moving upstairs, there is a luxurious bedroom which presents city view. The bedroom employs king sized bed in between two end tables. On top of those tables, there are modern desk lamp which has a very small light bulb. The room is also enlightened by ceiling integrated lamps. The bedroom is also complemented with transparent glass wall which enables the residents to overlook at the city view. This apartment interior design ideas also has a walk-in wardrobe combined with the bathroom.

Image By : Feenstra Architecture

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