Enthralling Waterfront House with Direct Access to the Sea

Having waterfront house as our residence is a dream for some people. Why?! Of course this is because house that is built near the water will give some relaxing natural treatment. Besides of the breathtaking sea scenery, the sound of water will also make our mind fresh. The BGD Architects designed this house model that has address in Queensland, Australia.

The architects named this house project as the Promenade Residence. This waterfront house design is really close to the sea. Theme that is applied to design this house is the contemporary home concept. The front facade of this house is exquisite that consists of three story floors.

At the ground floor, there is roofed balcony that faces the sea directly. From this balcony, we can access easily to the closer place which is the sea side terrace. This terrace is built close to the sea water level so that we can touch the water.

On the second and third floor, we will see the glass fence. Sliding doors are also installed at the third floor which we can open or close as necessary. Get closer to the house, inside the house there is swimming pool among the garden at the house yard. There are also white lounge chairs to relax ourselves after swimming. Tall pillars decorate the corner with high ceiling house in white color that make an elegant and stylish atmosphere.

From the top floor besides seeing the sea scenery, we can also enjoy the city landscape with many of skyscrapers. Hanging lamps are installed on the ceiling with high design. Artistic lamps make the house looks sparkling.

The floor is decorated using the ceramic tiles and some other parts are also layered with glass slab. Grey steel pillars make the house looks so modern. Wooden furniture and brown fireplace are also built in this waterfront house design ideas to make you feel even more comfortable to relax within your day!

Image By : BGD Architects

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