Excellent Contemporary Residence with Refreshing View of Nature

Backyard area with mountain as background and very huge grass field becomes great advantage to the contemporary residence. This living place is created in special style from Studio MWA in Martinborough, New Zealand. The project itself is called as Rotopai Residence.

Lots of trees and colorful flower beds give colorful effect to black and white theme of building. It has flat rooftop which gives nuance of contemporary design applied. Black roof is nicely contrasted with white ceiling and walls below.

Other than white bricks walls, exterior part also has gray paint color, along with brown garage area and natural stones attached in stone veneer technique. After that, contemporary residence design is arranged, in middle area of house building, by creating small pool that gives peaceful mind and calming sensation. Sliding glass doors in black frame are installed so people can see quiet ambiance of water.

Hallway then has panoramic view of wooden deck and small pool on one side. And on the other side people could see exquisite scenery of mountain and garden. Bedroom is simply arranged in modern touch yet very minimalist.

White paint is used for ceiling and walls, yet accent wall is attached to headboard area in form of paneled concrete. Soft lavender in golden emboss is applied to pillow and bed sheets. Place bamboo side tables on both side, and also install black window showing other part of house.

Kitchen space has white drawers and cabinets, and then gets covered with black marble stone for countertop part. Rounded furnished table from wood is surrounded with black dining chairs in high backseat for maximum comfort in dining room. Black leather sofas are added with striped pillows and red cushions looking suitable with fluffy carpet. The contemporary residence interior here is completed with potted plants placed at corner of room.

Image By : Studio MWA

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