Excellent Penthouse Apartment in Stockholm: Attic Space Setting

There is one thing that we can always find in any penthouse apartment creation, the luxury. There are so many amazing luxurious penthouse that we can find out there and one of those penthouses is this Attic Penthouse that located in the heart of Stockholm.

This highly modern penthouse is presented a classic attic space setting creation that can become such a great examples for any other creation. There are some parts of this beautiful modern penthouse that will able to show you the design character of this apartment and one of those parts is the modern luxurious living room. This is a very simple living room that supported by luxurious modern leather sofa set.

The penthouse apartment floor plan shows that this penthouse is trying to maximize sloppy space of attic to become such an amazing and luxurious living space design. Anyway, the other space that will show you the design character of this lovely modern penthouse is the dining room. This is a modern luxurious dining room design that designed by using open space setting. This dining area is supported by oval dining table set for 6-8 people.

The other parts of this perfect modern penthouse that will also show you the beauty if this penthouse is the modern style kitchen design. This is a highly modern kitchen design that decorated by using modern setting. Meanwhile, the luxury of this adorable kitchen design is coming from the material that involve in this setting.

It is clear that this gorgeous modern penthouse is trying to revive the attic space setting. As we all know that this type of setting was a trend in the 70s and 80s. Penthouse design in the heart of Stockholm is something that can become the basis design of other attic apartment design, indeed.

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