Exceptional Contemporary House for All Year Long

We are going to take a look at the contemporary house which has exceptional plans. This house was designed by Bonnifait + Giesen, an architectural firm which is based in Wellington. The house itself is called the Cornege-Preston House. It is located in Martinborough, a rural area in New Zealand. The design of the house was made in order to fulfill the clients’ requests who wished to have a house with everlasting natural light support.

The idea is to provide natural light towards every places of the house. Therefore, this contemporary house design places each room along the line. From the outer part of the house, we can see that the house is made out of a concrete wall. It is also decorated with wooden slats to cover several part of it. In order to support the residents with everlasting sun shines throughout the year, the house employs glass panel as windows and doors.

Let’s take a look at the house’s main activity room. This part of the house has unfurnished concrete floor. It consists of living room, dining, and kitchen. the living room floor is then covered again by a modern rug. It employs a couch with an armchair placed across the wall mounted telly. The house’s kitchen, however, employs stainless steel countertops to provide easy cleaning mechanism.

When we enter the bedroom, we can see that its floor is covered by a modern carpet. The bedroom itself also has a connecting door to the yard. This door is made out of glass panel, providing enough natural light to enter the house. The bedroom itself has a bed, wall mounted end table, as well as wall lamps placed on each side of the bed. It also has a frosted glass wall which leads you to the bathroom. This contemporary house design plans also employ transparent roof in several part of the house.

Image By : Bonnifait + Giesen

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