Exclusive Hexagonal House with Surrounding Dense Vegetation

Located in the private area in the middle of woods, the artistic model of hexagonal house is brilliantly designed with its classy style. Finished in 2010, this private residence employs about 300 square meter lot in Aroeira, Portugal.

The design of the house is likely to expose its unique design since there is no barrier surrounding the house. You can only find high vegetation on this pentagonal lot. The natural looks of the vegetation can really improve the solitary concept of this house.

The entrance of this house is very unique. You will never find a common house entrance since the wall fence is deceiving your assumption. Actually the house has no fence at all. The wall which forms the shape of the house is actually the exterior wall. The main design of hexagonal house plans which is built on the polygon lot only has a main entrance on its open side. The entrance will let you to open air area in the middle of this hexagon. There is no concrete floor since you come to this house facade until you come to its open area in the middle of this house. There green grass which will please your eyes with it refreshing and natural look.

From the middle of the house, you will find several glass doors and windows which will lead you to go inside the house. In contrast with the exterior looks, the geometric shape is removed and replaced with circular wall. This design is very something as it go beyond your imagination. It seems that you are not in the geometric building when you stand in the middle of this hexagon.

The amazing look from the open air area is the introduction to its interior. The uncommon rooms’ form which consist of straight and circular line is a great artistic masterpiece which is applied in a house. The artistic shape will be clearer when you look at the hexagonal house floor plans of which you will understand about the entire unique master plan.

Image By : Aires Mateus & Associados

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