Exclusive Hotel Design in Bali: The Luna 2 Hotel

There some hotel design creations that sell exclusivity and only available for special people only. Those incredible private hotels usually located in such an amazing location and equipped with highly luxurious facility. One of those beautiful private hotel is The Luna 2 Hotel.

This is a highly luxurious private hotel that located in private beach of beautiful Bali Island. The design that use in this astonishing private hotel is developed by the owner herself, Melanie Hall. This incredible private hotel offers such an amazing living experience, but you need to pass selection from the hotel management first.

The hotel design trends develop new way of hotel activity and design. This wonderful private hotel is one of the hotels that use the new hotel system. The way this hotel select their client is quite new and it can become the indication of modern design value, everything is extraordinary. The people that lucky enough to live in this hole have to spend a lot of money to pay and have to be someone very rich or very famous. This is not a hotel that can be entered by somebody ordinary.

In the matter of aesthetical design, this perfect private hotel is also able to provide such an amazing design creation. Take a look at the big swimming pool located in the back of the hotel. This swimming pool is also equipped with a nice patio design that can become such a great space to enjoy the beautiful private beach of Bali.

You possibly ably to find the other gorgeous hotel that can be compared with this great private hotel, but in the matter of exclusivity, this hotel is indeed the pioneer. Hotel design concept that developed in this private hotel is one of so many reasons why this hotel deserves to select the guest.

Image By : David Wahl

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