Exotic Cantilever House with Natural Wooden Interior

The modern architecture such as cantilever house has become the main idea of this Japanese private residence. Located in a dense neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan, this contemporary house is created its own style leaving the other houses with their conventional style.

The exposed modernity which becomes the strong character of this house is supported by the entire design of this house from the outside and the inside. The modern look of the facade can be examined from the sliding glass door and large windows. This modern character is likely to shows you with its wonderful interior.

Going inside to this building, you will be amazed with the wood padding which is applied on the entire wall. The exposed wood beams are the other touches that decorating the ceiling and wall. The warm vibe of this cantilever house design is strengthened with the strong and spacious style of this home.

The spatial concept of this house is established by the application of high ceiling. The most unique idea of this house is the dividers. It is very clear that the house does not use any dividers in the interior. This makes the house looks very spacious and warm in its wooden wall and tungsten light color.

Another unique decoration of this house is the spinning stairs. The black accent of the stairs seems very amusing. It also improves the efficiency of room usage since the design does not need much room and space. The functionality of this stairs is also proven since it can connect the tree floors in a single installation.

In conclusion, this house is very unique from the outdoor and indoor design. The remarkable design is shown on the wall padding which using a kind wood. This consistent design can create the sense of integration that makes this cantilever house interior design looks warm and friendly.

Image By : Architect Cafe

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