Exotic Concrete Interior Ideas for Interior Design of Studio Apartment

Urban people must know OOOX, the most creative interior designer who applies Concrete Interior Ideas as main design for the studio apartment. Since studio apartment has small space for interior, he applies concrete interior so that the room can be designed in rectangular interior. Hence, the studio apartment has more space to put modern furnishings as main decoration for interior.

The rustic appearance that is embossed by the concrete interior wall however is really suitable for the modern furniture. Some wall veneer that is also made from concrete material is indeed looked so exotic because it is designed in Interior Concrete Block Wall Ideas with cider style.

However, some interior walls of the studio apartment are painted in white color so that it is looked so classy. Moreover, the white interior is making the interior has wider outlook. Hence, modern furniture is perfectly applied as main furniture for the studio apartment.

Since the interior ceiling of the studio apartment is also designed in cider style made from concrete material, stage lamps are the most suitable lamp installation for the studio. The modern furniture, such as suede sofa, asymmetrical living table, wooden dining table are indeed looked so exotic. The stage lamps are perfectly embossing classy outlook for the studio apartment. In addition, marble floor installation is really making the studio is looked so contemporary.

Indeed, by applying concrete material as main material for interior, the studio apartment is looked so exquisite. Instead of applying other material for interior decoration, concrete material is looked so compact to other interior furnishings. However, the main furniture for interior of the studio apartment should be designed in modern furniture. Briefly, the interior design of the studio apartment is so adorable being applied by Interior Cider Block Wall Ideas for interior design along with modern furniture.

Image By : Dennis Gibbens Architects

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