Exotic Transparent House Concrete Modified by Wooden Design

Transparent house building concept was developed well by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos to modify transparent house concrete exotically by using transparent wooden construction. Actually it is as unique and innovative decoration style that will design and decorate house building artistically and exotically. This house building design is applied perfectly to decorate house building in Casa Jacarandas Project. Transparent house construction is used well to design house building in this project.

Transparent house building is applied well to decorate house ceiling in this project. Actually it will decorate and design house living exotically and artistically. Exposed wooden ceiling that is made in a transparent construction actually will modify house building concept to look more artistic.

It will support natural concrete wall design that is used to design interior wall so it will look more exotic in its decoration plan. Actually it is as transparent house concrete art that will make house living to look more interesting.

Natural wooden gate design in this house is also made in a transparent model. Transparent gate design actually will decorate house interestingly. Wooden material construction used well to design the transparent gate design. Automatically it will create transparent wooden gate that has artistic concept. Natural exterior stair that is designed by using exotic natural stone construction actually will look so artistic to be combined with transparent wooden gate modified artistically.

Transparent ceiling model applied to decorate garage ceiling in this project will create natural house decoration and concept. It looks so artistic in its application which by applying this transparent ceiling sunlight can come to garage space interestingly so it will create comfortable garage design.

Besides, transparent ceiling design can also be used well to decorate terrace ceiling so it will create comfortable terrace space modified stylistically. This transparent concept actually becomes special concept of transparent house studio modified artistically.

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