Exotic Wooden House for Perfect Resting Space

This small wooden house looks so warm and comfortable. The entire house part used wood as the main material. This material brings warm atmosphere into the house. It also creates comfortable image of this house. Read this following article to see more interesting facts about this small exotic residence.

This place has cozy living room which is also useful as family room. It has black fur carpet which covers the entire part of the wooden floor. It is blend with cozy white sofa and wooden coffee table. This room also has stylish white armchair that looks so fancy in this room.

This furniture faces to the modern fireplace which is blend in the white wall. Above the fireplace you can find flat LCD TV which looks perfect for this room. It makes this room is perfect for your quality time with your family. Look how stunning this wooden house project!

You can discover chic dining space behind the living room. It has black long table which is combined with eight red chairs. Look how fascinating your dining space. You can hang colorful painting in the wooden wall to make this room looks cheerful. In the right side of the dining space you can see kitchen area.

The kitchen has wooden cabinet with black granite surface. This cabinet is stick on the white wall and looks perfect. It also has white kitchen backsplash which looks awesome. You can hang elegant pendant lights so your kitchen looks more terrific.

The last review is about the bedroom. The bedroom has nice and simple design. There is not much furniture set in this place. The bedroom has sapphire blue color as the wall paint. It makes the room feels so fresh. It also has ivory carpet which covers the entire floor. Look how nice your room appearance! So, what do you think of this small wooden house project for your resting space?

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