Exquisite Contemporary Apartment Design: The House S

The House S is a contemporary apartment that created by Igor Sirotov. This amazing modern apartment is located in the heart of Kiev, Ukraine. The design that presented by this stunning modern apartment is something amazing to anybody who sees it with its beauty. The creation that we can see in this nice modern apartment is the picture of modern design and modern housing era. It is simple, it is efficient and more importantly, it reshapes the definition of beauty, simple is the new beauty.

There are so many great things that you may able to find in the contemporary apartment decor that develop in this wonderful living space and one of the great things in the design of the living room. This is a minimalist living room design that supported by big cozy white sofa and big LCD TV.

The design of this living room is, no doubt, very simple, but yet it still manages to show the luxurious design character in its design. The other part of this house that possibly able to shows you the beauty and the simplicity of this great moder apartment is the dining area. This area is located alongside the living room and it comes with white dining table set, in line with the color of the living room furniture.

The modern style kitchen design is also the one that make this perfect modern apartment so special. Take a look at the design of that kitchen. The design is very simple, but the element that involve in the design like wooden counter and the highly minimalist pendant light design have made this kitchen looks absolutely beautiful.

The design that presented in this gorgeous modern apartment is the creation that can reshapes the definition of beauty, indeed. Contemporary apartment ideas in Kiev, Ukraine are something that can become the picture of modern living space creation.

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