Exquisite Contemporary Apartment Design: The Riverside Apartment

The Riverside Apartment is a 196m2 contemporary apartment that will amaze anybody who sees it. This is a highly modern apartment is located in a high class area of Brisbane Powerhouse complex and it is indeed one of the best living space design in the area.

There are so many great things that we can find in this incredible modern style apartment design and one of them can be seen in the design of the open space living room design. This is an outstanding modern style living room design that located in one of the best spot of the house, the spot in which you can see beautiful surroundings.

The contemporary apartment decor that develop in this nice modern style apartment design is also the thing that makes this apartment looks so beautiful. Take a look at the design of this inner side living room design.

Well, the outdoor one is originally created for the spot to enjoy the scenery, but in the practice that outdoor patio becomes the main living room of this astonishing modern style apartment design. The original living room is a modern minimalist living room that supported by nice elegant style leather sofa design.

The other part of this perfect modern style apartment design that will show you the details design of this apartment is the kitchen design. This is a highly minimalist kitchen design that directly integrated with a dining area. This is the way of this house to save some spaces, by creating a multifunctional space setting.

This gorgeous modern style apartment design is indeed a great example of how modern style apartment design should looks like. It is beautiful, minimalist and more importantly able to maximize small space area. Contemporary apartment ideas in Brisbane are indeed something that will able to show how beautiful a modern apartment possibly become.

Image By : Judy Goodger

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